Saturday, 9 March 2013

Strange Beast

Ever started a project only for it to take far longer than you had anticipated and not turn out at all the way you planned?  That's how I feel about this fella...
I first saw him here and had to download the pattern immediately.  It's a seriously awesome pattern, I would definitely buy one of her patterns again.  The only thing was that none of the pictures on the project page gave me any idea of how big the thing was.  I thought he would be about 6 inches but he's twice that and almost as wide.  Mr HT has described him as the fattest unicorn he has ever seen, and said he looked more like a hippo (before the mane was added, though he didn't retract his words).  He took ages for me to make because I got rather disheartened with him and distracted by Dobby.

However, all that said, I like how he turned out and B likes him very much, though apparently he is now a girl and is called Rainbow, which seems like a very sensible sort of name.  She seemed quite cheered to have rainbow at her side while she spent yet another afternoon on the sofa, still poorly, though livening up a little I'm glad to say.
So overall I think it was worth finishing him off, and it does feel great to finish some things off, especially projects which are made from my stash  Next on the list is a knitting project which has been hanging around for far too long, that will also give my poor old hands a break; they're suffering from all the amigurumi action around here lately.

Happy Mothering Sunday tomorrow to those mothers amongst you in the UK, I hope you are spoilt rotten.


  1. I must say, your daughter is the cutest little angel ever! And she obviously loves Rainbow.. a perfect name, by the way. Enjoy Mother's Day!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I think she's very cute, whatever she is. :) Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Rainbow is the perfect name for the beast. Wonderful picture of Rainbow and your daughter.

  4. haha, Rainbow is a little funny looking, but awesome!

  5. Aww he's cute! I like him - sorry her ;-)